Controls Upgrades

MTE helps get more life from your machines, so you can control costs

MTE’s machine retrofits and controls upgrades help you get more from your machines by making your equipment more reliable and easy to troubleshoot. MTE upgrades your controls architecture quickly and cost effectively at your facility or at our 14,000 sq ft shop, whichever gets your operations up and running again faster and easier.

It’s time for a new solution, not a new machine.
When the equipment still performs but you can’t go online with a PLC, or you can’t run down those hard-to-find replacement parts anymore, or even the best troubleshooter can’t pin-point a problem, then it may be time for, not necessarily an entirely new machine, but a new controls solution on your existing system.MTE will find the most cost-effective product and design it into your application. Convenient, cost effective machine retrofits and controls upgrades that help you avoid trouble when the time for troubleshooting arises.

Before and After – the below project was turned around in three days.