CSA Upgrades & Electrical Upgrades for North American Market

At MTE, we’re well versed in CSA & UL

MTE regularly updates European and Asian equipment to CSA standard for use in the United States and Canada.  What sets us apart is that we’re more established on both sides of the border than most, giving us a kind of electrical bilingualism when it comes to meeting code.

When you import a new machine or move an existing one and discover that you can’t get it into production right away due to unforeseen electrical code issues, MTE can help you get approval from an inspection authority quickly and accurately.

Contain your shock and meet national codes with minimal aggravation.
Few companies understand the magnitude at which electrical standards differ from country to country, so many are stunned by the additional time and expense required to comply before they can legally be up and running.

At MTE, we understand the commonly required changes and the simplest fixes to bring equipment up to code. For an absolute hassle-free relocation, we can even help you prepare for the most painful code updates before you move or help you understand what to look for when buying equipment, giving you ultimate control over your business future.

Avoid sticker shock. 
Click here to check the ESA website for the list of recognized certification markings
If the machine you’re buying or already own has one of these labels, you’re good in Ontario.