Safety Upgrades

When it comes to safety upgrades, MTE helps you play it by the numbers

Safety standards are constantly changing and confusing in Canada and the U.S. ANSI B11.19, CSA Z432-04, EN ISO 13849-1… Which ones apply to you?

Even though you didn’t anticipate the additional cost and aggravation, meeting these safety standards is the law in Canada—Section 7, to be precise—and it’s becoming the law in the U.S.  With our experience in safety upgrades, MTE Controls helps you apply the standards economically, and we know the right equipment and hardware to apply to create the most cost-effective solutions. When it comes to safety, ‘redundant and monitored’ is good but ridiculously over-priced is avoidable.

Safety risks dial down, but production pressures don’t.
What was acceptable risk exposure for workers 20 years ago has decreased, but the squeeze on production schedules and profit margins has only increased. MTE can help you control the pressure cooker by performing your safety upgrade right in your facility, or if size allows, ship your equipment to our shop for even faster turnaround and inspection.We commonly work with 3rd-party professional engineers conducting Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews to find the most cost effective products to apply and install into your system.  With MTE helping you to control the upgrade process, you can maximize safety without feeling sorry about the process.