T & M Manpower

MTE Manpower helps you manage a towering workload 

Orders are the lifeblood of any automotive OEM business, however, sometimes too much work at once can bury your build resources.  MTE’s qualified industrial electricians and industrial pipefitters step in when there’s too much work for your skilled trades staff to manage by the deadline.

When you need extra help, MTE can provide:


  • Professional, reliable, experienced pipefitting and electrical machine and automation builders to lead jobs at your facility
  • Affordable helpers equipped with basic knowledge to support your staff and maximize your productivity


With MTE Controls Manpower, you’re in control of costs.
MTE Controls conveniently supplies you with the skilled trade support you need at a cost that protects your profits. With one call, you can access a variety of skill levels, including licensed journeymen, apprentices, skilled labourers and helpers, billed on a tiered rate system that helps you stay on top of the cost structure for any project. Rates are based on each individual worker’s abilities and experience, so you can select the combination that best suits your needs and your budget.

Stay in charge of your schedule with MTE Controls Manpower.
Sourcing and interviewing skilled trades talent is a time consuming process, one that takes you away from your most important task; managing your projects. With MTE Controls Manpower, you can quickly and easily access the skills you need – for as long as you need them.


All MTE Controls Manpower workers are fully equipped with WHIMS and Lock-Out training. Workers with Fork Lift and Aerial Lift training are also available.